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A Tote for Every Occasion!

As much as great outfits are important for creating a style statement, totes are equally important to build a complete look – they add depth to the look with stark contrast to the outfit. And every occasion needs a different look, so we have some ideas to help you choose the right one for the [...]

Get Mary Jane Shoes at a Super Big Discount from Banana Republic!

Have you ever wondered how the Mary Jane shoes got the name? Well, it goes back to a turn of the century when it was worn by Mary Jane, the sister of Buster Brown – both were characters of a comic strip drawn by the famous R. F Outcault. When these comic strips first appeared [...]

How To: Style Up a Pair of Riding Boots

Riding boots are versatile, comfortable and chic. They can be worn any day and dressed up or down for different occasions. Read on to find out some trendy ways to style them up and why you must get a new pair today from Banana Republic. The Girlish Style: To make the riding boots more ladylike, [...]

Sharp and Smart with Cuff Links

Add the perfect finishing touch to your suit with a pair of cufflinks. Though small, these little accessories instantly lend an air of elegance and sophistication. An accessory that has witnessed decades of fashion trends and changes, cuff links are a must-have for every man today. Let’s go back in time to see how these [...]

Grab A Satchel at An Awesome Deal Today!

During the Roman times, the satchel was called ‘Loculus’, which means ‘little place’ in Latin. These bags were used only by the legionaries of the Roman army before they became a fashion accessory in the 17th century. The first female British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher often carried a satchel bag with her to keep important [...]

Crossbody Bags – Every Woman Needs Two and More

In the olden days, cross body bags or messenger bags, as they were called, were more of a man’s accessory. But now they have become a fashion statement, a must-have accessory for every woman. A crossbody bag has many advantages. It is a convenient solution for your shopping whims. When the totes and satchels weigh [...]

Gloves for Cozy Hands

With the snow falling and the chill setting in, it’s high time to keep your delicate hands cozied up in some warm gloves from Banana Republic. Well, warmth and comfort doesn’t mean you have to leave out on style and trend! Leather is the talk of the town, and leather gloves are a ‘can’t-do-without’ accessory [...]

Flaunt Your LBD!

When in doubt, wear black. Maybe that’s how the LBDs came into the fashion world. LBDs have been a to-die-for affair to women since the 1920s, thanks to Coco Chanel, who sketched this elegant design that became viral. The Little Black Dress has managed to surpass all the other styles over the years and still [...]

Indulge in Some Cashmere at Banana Republic

Cashmere was first discovered in the Himalayan regions of Central and Southeast Asia and got its name from Kashmir, a region in India known for its fine shawls. It is highly popular for the luxurious warmth and comfort it gives. Get one from Banana Republic today at a discount of 30%. You even get free [...]

Cheer for Santa in Red and Green!

Red and green are the colors of Christmas. Try our smokin hot red Lyla crepe dress to rock the party! It will surely turn your lady guests “green” with envy (pun intended). Throw in the Tulip pearl’s necklace to that ensemble for added panache this holiday season. Double up your cheer with some big savings [...]