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Marion Cotillard Rocks Dramatic Skirts!

For the latest Lady Dior ad campaign, Two Days, One Night star Marion Cotillard has walked on water, floated gracefully in air and defied the laws of gravity while looking effortlessly beautiful and angelic in delicate dresses. The Academy Award-winning French actress, ventured into the busy streets of Paris promoting new versions of the iconic [...]

The Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dad!

Finding a nice gift for your dad can be quite the task and it’s not like gift shopping your fiancée. Looking for some thoughtful gift ideas for your dad? Read on to find some amazing last minute gift ideas! Inscribed gift watches are always a great option, but you’ve probably done that already. If not, [...]

Winter Fashion for Men

Winter fashion and options for women are aplenty! But, when it comes to men, their choices are sadly limited to just a couple of color combinations and a few modifications in the texture of their outfits. So, we thought we would give you the hottest updates from the fashion world on what’s trending for men. [...]

Deck Up Like the Beckhams for Less with Banana Republic’s Awesome Cyber Monday Deal!

There are very few families who can top the style credentials of the Beckhams’! When it comes to dressing up, the Beckhams know how. The Beckham clan was dressed to kill, at The Class of ’92 premiere on Sunday evening. They looked as suave and sophisticated as ever in their impeccably styled attires. The family [...]

Brave the Chill like David Beckham – Get his Similar Style at a 30% Discount at Banana Republic!

Though it’s already spring in London, the snow doesn’t seem to stop – but this time for the good! If not for the snow, we wouldn’t have got a glimpse at one of the best father-daughter duo in the celebrity circle strolling around in puffy jackets – the David and Harper Beckham duo! Ask the [...]

Shop from Sale Items at Banana Republic and Get an Additional 25% Off!

When your world runs on a tight budget, it’s better that you choose the smarter way to shop instead of staying away from shopping. And what’s the better way to shop? Choose from the sales styles! Guess what, Banana Republic presents the best of all deals, an offer to save an additional 25% on your [...]

An Irresistible Deal

As the Boxing Day mood is setting in, make sure to stop and shop with irresistible deals at Banana Republic. Though considered the day for sport events like horse racing and football, shopping is also a major sporting event for the shopaholics!! Also known as the Feast of St.Stephen, it was the day when, in [...]

Sharp and Smart with Cuff Links

Add the perfect finishing touch to your suit with a pair of cufflinks. Though small, these little accessories instantly lend an air of elegance and sophistication. An accessory that has witnessed decades of fashion trends and changes, cuff links are a must-have for every man today. Let’s go back in time to see how these [...]

Flaunt Your LBD!

When in doubt, wear black. Maybe that’s how the LBDs came into the fashion world. LBDs have been a to-die-for affair to women since the 1920s, thanks to Coco Chanel, who sketched this elegant design that became viral. The Little Black Dress has managed to surpass all the other styles over the years and still [...]

Indulge in Some Cashmere at Banana Republic

Cashmere was first discovered in the Himalayan regions of Central and Southeast Asia and got its name from Kashmir, a region in India known for its fine shawls. It is highly popular for the luxurious warmth and comfort it gives. Get one from Banana Republic today at a discount of 30%. You even get free [...]