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The Perfect Summer Shoes!

The guide to finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a pipedream for many. And, with the onset of spring and summer, your quest for those perfectly beautiful pair of shoes just got all the more difficult. Not that we, as women, don’t enjoy shopping! But seriously, anyone who’s gone shoe shopping with a [...]

Color Me Red! Color Me Black!

Fashion-wise, they say that black with red is a deadly combination – and that was said in a completely positive perspective! Both the colors independently exude elegance, grace, sophistication, authority, poise and above all, power. And, their combination is simply elegance personified! These colors fall on the opposite ends of the color wheel, somehow their [...]

Why Taylor Swift is the Best Dressed Celebrity of the Year!

It’s been a staggering year, fashion-wise. A number of new styles were launched and a number of styles were booed down. But amidst all this fashionable chaos, there’s one lady who took it all in her stride and gave us one after another style to moon after. And, that’s probably why she rightfully deserves to [...]

Did You Know it Yet? Exciting Offers Just for you at BR!

Well, the truth about shopping is that you just need to know the knack of shopping at the right time for the right styles at the right place. And when you fail on any one of the above, it just reflects on your pocket. So, here’s how you get it done the fail-proof way. Read [...]

To be in the “Thin” of It!

It’s all about using a little tact and sense to find the right clothes for you. The art of ‘dress-to-slim’ is using a combination of dressing techniques that make you look good. A lot of us crave for the perfect physique, a great canvas for a style, but with our time-squeezed schedule, it might not [...]

A “Suede” Autumn!

A nice pair of suede shoes might just be the way to go when it comes to choosing footwear during autumn. Clearly walking on the line that separates formal and casual, suede shoes have always been a faithful companion to the fashion conscious. Suede shoes complement your outfit by injecting a whole new perspective to [...]

Nail Kelly Brook’s Striking Look with Banana Republic!

Kelly Brook is certainly in form! The 34-year-old entrepreneur who, only recently, launched her new bar, has had a busy few weeks this month. And all through her busy schedule, she has managed to look immaculately stylish! The School for Seduction star, caught fashionistas’ attention (again) when she stepped out to attend two parties, on [...]

Sizzle in Red with Banana Republic’s Range of Red Hued Apparels!

Red hot! Reality TV star Lucy Mecklenburgh proved just that when she appeared for the Easilocks’ photocall dressed in a bright red ensemble. Lucy looked radically different from her usual tamed-self and set the house on fire in her sizzling outfit. The 22-year-old who became the ambassador for the new hair extension product, Easilocks, looked [...]

Gear Up for Winter with Apparels from Banana Republic!

This Winter, dress up warm, snug and stylish with Banana Republic’s wide range of Winter apparels. With BR, you get to tuck yourself up in the coziest fabrics. And you don’t have to compromise style for comfort, either! To help you gear up for winter, here are a few hot looks that you can try. [...]

Temperley London Spring 2014: For the Princess in You!

Think of the word royalty and the first thing that comes to mind is Catherine Middleton, her grace, her poise, her elegance and the effortless sophistication she delivers everytime she steps out of the royal gates. Almost every clothing item she has worn has run out of stock in the days after, and every designer [...]