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The Perfect Summer Shoes!

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Tecla Espadrille Sandals

Tecla Espadrille Sandals

The guide to finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a pipedream for many. And, with the onset of spring and summer, your quest for those perfectly beautiful pair of shoes just got all the more difficult. Not that we, as women, don’t enjoy shopping! But seriously, anyone who’s gone shoe shopping with a woman would understand that it would be a lot of easier and safer to just stick to deciphering the code for the world politics or may be even the black hole or something like that. Yes, shoe shopping is that difficult! Except, if you know exactly what you are looking for! In that case, you are saved!

So, without much ado we bring you the perfect pair of shoes for the spring and the impending summer. A pair of espadrille sandals or wedges! Because it’s summer, you wouldn’t want to be caught walking around in those big and tall boots or booties, they would simply be uncomfortable. Pumps are great for work but after wearing them for more than 5 days in row, things can get a bit boring; in that scenario, the best way to spruce up your look will be with a pair of flats, but then again, you would have to compromise on height when you settle for a pair of bellies. But if you opt for a pair of espadrille wedges, not only will you gain a couple of inches in height, these babies will certainly add some uncompromised style to your overall look! Plus, you have the added benefit of wearing these shoes for any occasion and with any outfit; dresses, workpants, denim shorts, skirts or maxis, with a pair of trusted espadrilles you are already on your way to stardom!

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