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The Perfect Summer Shoes!

The guide to finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a pipedream for many. And, with the onset of spring and summer, your quest for those perfectly beautiful pair of shoes just got all the more difficult. Not that we, as women, don’t enjoy shopping! But seriously, anyone who’s gone shoe shopping with a [...]

Trendsetter at Work: Reese Witherspoon

True, her red carpet looks are beyond sensational, but Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon always lands en-point when it comes to her street style too! She is technically the reigning queen of spring fashion; ‘cos a huge chunk of her spring closet consists of florals! Now, isn’t that just fun? Any time you spot the 38-year old [...]

Kim Rocks a Sexy Black Jumpsuit!

Her sister might be the most sought-after face in the fashion industry but there’s no denying that older sibling Kim, is the most famous clothes horse among the Kardashian clan. And, every time she sports a new style, it’s time for the rest of the world to follow suit and rock in a similar outfit. [...]

Color Me Red! Color Me Black!

Fashion-wise, they say that black with red is a deadly combination – and that was said in a completely positive perspective! Both the colors independently exude elegance, grace, sophistication, authority, poise and above all, power. And, their combination is simply elegance personified! These colors fall on the opposite ends of the color wheel, somehow their [...]

Kendall Jenner Rocks in Skinny Black Jeans!

Kendall Jenner was first spotted on the reality show Keeping up with The Kardashians, but there is no turning back for the 19-year-old since her major fashion debut at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 runway. Since then, the rising star of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, has made the cover page of several fashion editorials and [...]

Power Dressing for the Modern Woman

What do Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Queen Rania of Jordan have in common? Ladies, look for a reason other than the obvious that they are all women of power. There’s another remarkable trait that each of these ladies have in common. Yup, they’re all power dressers. Each of these ladies is known [...]

Why Taylor Swift is the Best Dressed Celebrity of the Year!

It’s been a staggering year, fashion-wise. A number of new styles were launched and a number of styles were booed down. But amidst all this fashionable chaos, there’s one lady who took it all in her stride and gave us one after another style to moon after. And, that’s probably why she rightfully deserves to [...]

The Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dad!

Finding a nice gift for your dad can be quite the task and it’s not like gift shopping your fiancée. Looking for some thoughtful gift ideas for your dad? Read on to find some amazing last minute gift ideas! Inscribed gift watches are always a great option, but you’ve probably done that already. If not, [...]

The Winter Checklist!

Winter is a great time for you to explore your alternate fashion sense. But, winter is also one of those seasons where, no matter how much you prepare for the cold, when reality hits, it seems like you were never ready for it at all. How would you to like to change that this time? [...]

Winter Fashion for Men

Winter fashion and options for women are aplenty! But, when it comes to men, their choices are sadly limited to just a couple of color combinations and a few modifications in the texture of their outfits. So, we thought we would give you the hottest updates from the fashion world on what’s trending for men. [...]